Continuous Improvement

Internal Reviews
We subject a significant randomly selected review of our listing, selling, transactions to assure the high quality of services, to meet the Ethics, Professional Conduct & Legal Aspects requirements of the Business & Professions Code, and to comply with the Fair Housing Act.
Our Fair Quality Officer provides an independent means of survey, monitoring or discussing fair concerns through consumer and employee hotlines. The Fair Quality Officer monitors production fair listing and selling performance, and coordinates community outreach programs.
Customer Information
We treat all customer information as confidential and consider it to be nonpublic information. We maintain systems and procedures to ensure that access to nonpublic consumer information is granted only to legitimate and valid users.
Continuous Improvement
Please take your time to complete our Survey form. This will help us to encourage our performance in future, and stimulating us to approach better services in community with passion and commitment. Also, we want to recognize our agent who is engaging the ideals of professional conduct and fairness toward daily service.

The information that you submit will be held in the strictest confidence. Please provide as much information as you can. Thanks.

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