Our first priority is to satisfy customers' goal and be honesty as the foundation for our successful business. We are obligated to delivery the specific list of disclosures during a real estate transaction.
We always encourage our fellow agents improve their skill to represent our customers in the best of interests, stimulating them to approach their services in community with passion and commitment.
Finally, we set to the highest level of ethical conduct wherever we operate, we obey all laws, but always allow flexible room for negotiation legally.
Our Associates and Agents will offer assistance, encouragement and services in a fair, equitable and consistent manner during performance of their jobs
Realty Savers Corporation�s policy should treat all customers consistently and fairly and in compliance with Federal Fair Housing laws and California Code of Regulations. if you believe you have been discriminated or treated unfairly, you may send a complaint to: U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), call your local HUD area or click here Your Local HUD.
We address firmly our professionalism of the California real estate industry to all of our Associates/Agents and hold them accountable to follow standards of professional conduct and business practices. All our agents should meet the duties and obligations required by law. If any agent(s) do not comply, he (she) may be subject to civil, criminal and/or Department of Real Estate action and penalties. Click here for A Consumer Guide to Filing Real Estate Complaints.

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